Frequently Asked Questions

Yes that is true and once the relevant documentation has been verified as authentic and legitimate, your claim will be processed within forty-eight (48) hours. We do always inform our clients that terms and conditions apply and the validation of a claim do qualify as applicable T&C’s. I may just mention to you that we can also conduct the funeral for you and if you choose for us to do the funeral, it will speed the process up. It is however entirely your choice and you are under no obligation to make use of our services.

Insurance companies all over South Africa are experiencing a huge increase in fraud. A large percentage of such cases are related to stolen Identity Documents. We have an obligation to protect our clients and the organisation against such crimes and therefore we have to validate some claims. We select a percentage of all claims randomly for assessment and depending on circumstances; it may take up to twenty one (21) days to conclude. On average, it only takes three (3) days to complete and then your claim will receive priority for processing and payment at our Claims Department.

No, the fact that your claim will be assessed doesn’t mean that your claim will automatically be rejected. Once it has been found that there are no irregularities associated with your claim, it will be honoured by us and payment will be made without further delay.

If the main assured is still alive, the proceeds are paid to him/her. If he/she has died then the nominated beneficiary receives the claim values, if no beneficiary was nominated or the nominated beneficiary is deceased, then the spouse claims, in the absence of a spouse, the premium payer and in their absence, it will be a person designated by BIMA. This could be the parents, children, siblings of the deceased. If the assured on a J19 dies the claimant will be the premium payer. If there are two policies covering the deceased and the funeral is conducted by BIMA Funeral Service, can I receive my claim value in cash? Yes, provided the total cost of the funeral/tombstone order has been paid in full.

If you choose to use BIMA Funeral Service, you must contact your local BIMA representative as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for the removal of the deceased from the place of death. Since it is required by law that all deaths must be registered, BIMA will assist you to do so and will require the following: The Identity Document of the deceased (should the deceased not be a South African Citizen, his/her passport is required). A medical certificate completed and signed by the deceased’s doctor (BIMA can assist in obtaining this).

Death Certificate, as well as a copy of the first page of the BI1663 (previous), or pages 1-, 2- and 3 of 3 of the BI1663 (latest) form. Policy document or schedule/certificate. Claimant’s Declaration (available at an BIMA agency) Medicate Certificate (available at an BIMA Agency for completion by the deceased’s family doctor) SAPS Declaration when the death is caused by unnatural causes (available at an BIMA agency for completion by the investigating officer).

Can BIMA settle claims within forty-eight 48-hours? Yes Is there an option to provide cover for extended family members? Yes Can the whole family, single-parent family or just a single person be covered? Yes After the cost of the funeral is deducted, will the balance of the assured sum be paid out to a nominated beneficiary? Yes Does BIMA have special benefits and discounts for members? Yes .

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